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Tetrad Moon Lunar Eclipse is something a lot of people have been making a big deal about the “blood” Moon and how it is the beginning of the end of the world etc. the same routine which the doomsday prophets used to scare people to repent or buy their potions or whatever the scam was. I am sure there are some who actually believe it is the end of the world or some major apocalypse is upon us.

What is the tetrad Moon series and why these four consecutive lunar eclipses are important, and what is our astrological interpretation of it?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. If the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, it is a called a total lunar eclipse.

Any lunar eclipse affects the earth because the earth is being pulled from both sides as the Moon and Sun are exactly opposite each other. It is in fact a full Moon except the earth is in between so you see the earth’s shadow on the Moon. If  the Earth was off center then it would be visible as a Full Moon.

In a lunar eclipse, we are all standing in the way of the full Moon!

Why Does the Moon Look Red in Total Lunar Eclipse?

total lunar eclipse Tetrad Moon Lunar Eclipse Tetrad Moon Lunar Eclipse total lunar eclipse 150x150The Moon turns deep red for an hour or so during a total lunar eclipse because it is reflecting the sunrise and sunsets from all around the world from the earth. From your position on the earth, you are seeing the Sun projecting all the sunrise and sunsets of the earth on to the Moon!

The totally lunar eclipse moon reflects the color of the light contained in the earth’s shadow (umbra). The earth’s atmosphere leaves mostly longer-wavelength light (red, orange, and yellow) in the earth’s umbra. This is why sunsets and sunrises generally are red, and also why most lunar eclipses appear red.

Significance of an Eclipse

The difference in the gravitational pull of the Moon, from the closest side of the earth to the opposite end of it, is 8 times greater than the pull from the Sun! Even though the Sun’s gravitational field is much stronger than the Moon, it remains the same on the closest side to the earth relative to the opposite side because it is so far away from us. The Moon’s gravitational field, on the other hand, is weaker than the Sun but the ”
difference” from one end to the other side of the earth is 8 times more than the Sun because  the Moon is so much closer to us.

This is the reason that Full Moon coincides with high tides. In a total lunar eclipse, the Moon and Sun are exactly opposite to each other and pulling the earth from both sides. This of course will result in stress on the earth. However, it is not the only basis of the earthquakes at all although it does sometimes coincide with major tidal waves (the Sumatra tsunami happened on the full Moon). It is the grand square as well this time which is making it much more important.

I had predicted that Uranus in Pisces will coincide with underwater earthquakes triggering major tsunamis in the first and last degrees of Pisces. The Japan tsunami happened on exactly the last date i.e. 11th of March 2010.

What is A Tetrad Lunar Eclipse?

It is important to note that there have been many total lunar eclipses during the 19th and 20th centuries but each one of them was often followed by a partial lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse happens approx twice a year but the total lunar eclipse is more rare. What makes the tedrad unique is that it is a series of four consecutive total lunar eclipseshappening one after the other which hasn’t happened in the last 400 years. In other words, when four consecutive total lunar eclipse happen, the series is called a tetrad of lunar eclipses.

Between 1600 and 1900 there were many total lunar eclipses,  just not four in consecutive order. or tetrad lunar eclipses.

Here are the dates for the total lunar eclipses in the tetrad series coming up:

1- 15 Apr 2014 (there is also a grand square in the sky so earthquakes also). 16th April Moon is in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, so life death events in the ocean.

14th May is more significant as Moon conj Saturn in Scorpio along with the grand square.  Moon conj Saturn on 17th Apr just points to violent crackdown in Ukraine most probably.

2- 8 Oct 2014 (no grand square anymore but still a T-Square involving Uranus and Pluto as well. Chance of earthquakes is still strong.

3- 4 Apr 2015 (no grand square anymore)

4- 28 Sep 2015 (no grand square but there is a T-Square involving Mars-Saturn-Neptune which is not good for the market and is the beginning of the stock market crash which will happen in Oct 2017.

The lunar eclipse of 15th April 2014 is significant only because there is a grand square in the sky as well. This will create a lot of stress on the tectonic plates as the planets try to pull the earth off its orbit and you will find more earthquakes during this period.

Astrologically, everyone born in the 1940s and 1950s as well as the 1980s is being affected including Vladimir Putin. Besides the possibility of strong earthquakes, the military actions are a distinct probability during this time (21st and 22nd Apr are even more significant in terms of the earthquakes as the Moon will be in Capricorn conj Pluto (tectonic plates).

However, there is also a wide Grand Trine in the sky which will be making very positive aspects in millions of people’s charts, so we can safely say the end of the world is not here yet!  Interestingly no astrologers seem to talk about it. People around the world in a state of prayer, crowd funding, charity concerts etc are all part  of this healing grand trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn (wide).

The show begins on 15th April 2014 early morning and you will be able to see it from anywhere in North America.

Here the total Lunar eclipse dates in the Future:
2014 Apr 15, 2014 Oct 8, 2015 Apr 4, 2015 Sep 28, 2018 Jan 31, 2018 Jul 27, 2019 Jan 21, 2021 May 26, 2022 May 16, 2022 Nov 8, 2025 Mar 14, 2025 Sep 7, 2026 Mar 3, 2028 Dec 31, 2029 Jun 26, 2029 Dec 20, 2032 Apr 25, 2032 Oct 18, 2033 Apr 14, 2033 Oct 8, 2036 Feb 11, 2036 Aug 7, 2037 Jan 31, 2040 May 26, 2040 Nov 18, 2043 Mar 25, 2043 Sep 19, 2044 Mar 13, 2044 Sep 7, 2047 Jan 12, 2047 Jul 7, 2048 Jan 1, 2050 May 6, 2050 Oct 30

Here are the total Lunar eclipse dates in the past:
1910 May 24, 1913 Sep 15, 1920 May 03, 1921 Apr 22, 1928 Jun 3, 1939 May 3, 1946 Jun 14, 1950 Apr 2, 1953 Jan 29, 1953 Jul 26, 1954 Jan 19, 1956 Nov 18, 1957 May 13, 1957 Nov 7, 1960 Mar 13, 1960 Sep 5, 1963 Dec 30, 1964 Jun 25, 1964 Dec 19, 1967 Apr 24, 1967 Oct 18, 1968 Apr 13, 1968 Oct 6, 1971 Feb 10, 1971 Aug 6, 1972 Jan 30, 1974 Nov 29, 1975 May 25, 1975 Nov 18, 1978 Mar 24, 1978 Sep 16, 1979 Sep 6, 1982 Jan 9, 1982 Jul 6, 1982 Dec 30, 1985 May 4, 1985 Oct 28, 1986 Apr 24, 1986 Oct 17, 1989 Feb 20, 1989 Aug 17, 1990 Feb 9, 1992 Dec 9, 1993 Jun 4, 1993 Nov 29, 1996 Apr 4, 1996 Sep 27, 1997 Sep 16, 2000 Jan 21, 2000 Jul 16, 2001 Jan 9, 2003 May 16, 2003 Nov 9, 2004 May 4, 2004 Oct 28, 2007 Mar 3, 2007 Aug 28, 2008 Feb 21, 2010 Dec 21, 2011 Jun 15, 2011 Dec 10

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