Scorpio Moon applies to everyone around the world as it captures the global mood, but Scorpios are especially more emotional in their experiences now.


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Scorpio represents Your Eighth Need which is your need for Transformation.

People will be motivated by power, dark moods, fear, and morbid thoughts now and acts of destructiveness will abound. People tend to be more obsessive, intense, sarcastic and vindictive now.


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With Scorpio Moon, you need to be more tactful to avoid making enemies and cultivating bitter rivalries later on. Don’t be resentful or fatalistic. Remain optimistic, be more forgiving and keep a low profile. Excellent days for self-mastery, research, and power of the mind. Drink more water, cut down on red meat and avoid dark alleys.

Scorpio Moon often coincides with political violence, assassinations, and funerals in the news. People are more susceptible to kidney and uro-genital area problems now. Today’s colors are Black and Burgundy.

Moon in Scorpio is Your Need to Experience

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– Self-control

– Self Mastery

– Understanding your mission in Life

– Transformation in different areas of life

– Re-evaluation of your motives

– Lessons caused by misuse of power

– How to avoid being vindictive

– Lessons from fated life-death events


Positive Stimulus

scorpio boots1– Stimulates your need to “save” others

– Finding your Destiny

– Understanding your Mission

– The positive transformation from fated events



Excessive Stimulus

If you do too much of it, it leads to

scorpio woman1– Misuse of Power

– Too introspective

– Becoming reclusive

– Fanaticism and being radical

– Being resentful in life

– Misuse of Power

Best activities to Indulge in

– Re-evaluate your mission and purpose in life.

– Read about power of the mind

– Practice anything to do with self-control and self-mastery

– Fast periodically or cut down on bad habits like smoking

– Become involved with “causes” and help those who are downtrodden.

– Voluntarily think about matters pertaining to life or death

– Visit the cemetery once in a while.

– Become interested in mysteries of life and your own destiny.

– Investigate, research

– Get to the root cause of events that bother you.

– Analyze human behavior and read psychology articles.

– Watch a mystery movie (avoid horror movies)

– Re-evaluate childhood experiences in positive light


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