Horoscope of the United States of America is analyzed by noted astrologer Hassan Jaffer to give you a better insight into the most hidden aspects of this great country.

by Hassan Jaffer  Apr 10, 2010

horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA usa seal


The horoscope of America is based on the time when the Declaration of Independence was signed by the Founding Fathers on July 4th, 1776. However, there is rectification done on the time based on the nation’s “personality” and transits.

There doesn’t seem to be much consensus among astrologers as to when it was signed and so we have many different opinions on the time of the birth of this great country.

Some astrologers have taken 2.17 am and given her Gemini Ascendant which does not seem appropriate as the Congress session didn’t even open until 9 am!

Instead of explaining why the others are wrong, I will focus on why I have chosen Libra as the Rising Sign of USA. Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene took Sagittarius rising but US as a country is not really that philosophical. America only wants to preach to others (planets in 9th house) without applying the Divine rules to itself.


horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA US 100 dollar bill


The clock on the Independence Hall tower on a $100 bill shows 2:21p.m (Scorpio rising), but I have rectified it to give Libra rising (12:30 p.m).


horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA USA Bill Symbols1


Sun at 13′ of Cancer seems to make number 13 very significant for USA and the great seal: 13 original colonies, 13 stars above the Eagle, 13 stripes on the Eagle’s shield, 13 olive branches in the Eagle’s right claw, 13 arrows in the left claw, 13 steps the Pyramid, and 13 letters in the motto E Pluribus Unum.

Horoscope of the United States of America is shown to have Libra rising by noted astrologer Hassan Jaffer. Here is the detailed analysis of the Libra Rising horoscope of  the United States and which signs are fortunate for her:

Anyone who has Libra rising (or Libra-Scorpio planets) represents the national identity of America, JFK, Liz Taylor and Bill Clinton are a few examples.


Bill Clinton horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton: Libra Rising


Bill Clinton has soft features and has a strong sense of fairness but he still sent Tomahawk missiles abroad. Libra rising is more suited to women unless the person is a politician.  Politics compensates for lack of power and the indecisiveness becomes the ability to arbitrate and look at the pros and cons of every issue. If they are not a politician then they just project an indecisiveness which is more suited to women than a man who is expected to be a person of action.


elizabeth-taylor horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA elizabeth taylor 240x300

Elizabeth Taylor: Libra Rising


Elizabeth Taylor represents an enduring feminine beauty in America’s history (although for a short period of time, she was starting to look more and more like a desperate Scorpio when she colored her hair black).

Libra rising projects one of the most feminine looking beauty and almost a doll-like quality (Britney Spears) but it also indicates why the home life becomes quite barren for these women (Capricorn on the 4th house cusp).

Walk softly (Libra) and carry a big stick (Scorpio) advice by Theodore Roosevelt, who was a Scorpio, describes the First house cusps of Libra-Scorpio perfectly!


jfk horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA jfk

John F. Kennedy: Libra Rising


JFK symbolized the best of USA and gave it an identity of fairness and justice. Most computers have Windows OS from Bill Gates, who is not Libra rising but is a Scorpio with Mercury in Libra so his personality does reflect the US first house as well.

All of you with Cancer MC have Libra rising. Those of you with Leo MC can also relate to most of the article. Liz Taylor (Libra rising) and Charles Manson (Scorpio) represent the two sides which America project to the world – fair but also often dark and ruthless.

Many politicians who enter politics because their sense of fairness has been violated, have Libra rising. Money usually keeps them there for too long but I doubt if it is their original motivation.

However, Hitler was also born with Libra rising. So how did America’s chart affect his? Hitler felt that outsiders were responsible for its inflation in 1929 when the price of a dozen eggs was 100 million marks. Underneath that mild-looking Libra rising is Scorpio and the resentment kept building up till it finally exploded in WWII.

All the planets in the US chart fall in exactly the same houses as in Hitler’s chart because they both have the same Ascendant. Mars in the U.S. chart falls in the 9th house of Hitler’s chart, a clear indication of conflicts from a foreign country and his plans destroyed by the dropping of the Atom Bomb on Japan. Even the letter “A” in Atom may have significance here because it is a “Mars” letter. USA’s Pluto in Hitler’s 4th house also points to the destruction of his homeland through bombs.

Secret Love and Secret Enemies

Bill Clinton may have done some immoral activity, but it is the Nation’s destiny to have secret love with the enemies (Libra being half of its 12th house). Not only does this point to JFK and Clinton’s affairs (both Libra rising) satisfying the U.S. Chart’s need for secret love, but also to its shift in the relationship with past dictators like Noreiga and Saddam.

The U.S. courted them at first and even helped them and then considered them secret enemies. America thrives on stories about intrigue and secret love which accounts for Enquirer’s popularity and the booming tabloid business.



USA horoscope libra rising horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA USA horoscope plain


Horoscope of the united states of America

The U.S. has the outward personality of a beautiful, peace-loving woman who does not like any hassles and is very serene to look at. However, underneath that sophisticated look is the vindictive Scorpio side which becomes very self-destructive when provoked. America always seems ready to go to War (Mars in the 9th house) but gets bogged down because of ill-planned or deceptive ideology (Mars square by Neptune in the 12th).  Mars-Neptune is a nightmare configuration which will always be there and points to immoral and hypocritical values undermining U.S. interests abroad.

Unfortunately, it is not even the US but its so-called allies in the Mideast who seem to lead her foreign policy through the Lobby and keep pushing for wars (Mars sq Neptune again). Mars – war, and Neptune in 12th = deception and foreign spies.

Neptune so close to the 11th house is excellent for alternative medicine, herbal remedies, and naturopathy. However, its square from Mars shows the deception and fraud in this area. There are many charlatans and fraudulent faith healers. It also points to fraudulent and deceptive promises under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Scorpio in the 2nd house indicates money through oil, war and defense contracts. It all points to earnings through bloodshed and wars. Medicine to save others is the only way to offset this theme.

A Matriarchal Society

Libra rising puts Cancer on the 1Oth (MC) and Capricorn on the 4th. This shows that America is probably headed for a matriarchal society and also why a lot of US Presidents from a family where there was a role reversal and the mother was more of a domineering influence (Bill Clinton). Americans want to save the world but ignore their own home and people.

Capricorn on the 4th points to a barren home, working mothers, business at home, children’s emotional needs completely ignored and most family issues treated like a business. Pluto opp Mercury is the hallmark of the dictator and being in the 4th house, it points to mothers of Presidents ruling with an iron hand and influencing them to make changes which violate the Divine Laws.

Saturn in Libra is a very good place for executive ability, but in the 12th house and also being the ruler of the 4th house, accurately reflects so many institutions and jails instead of homes with both parents and family values filled with the laughter of children.

Where the U.S. chart really shines is in the 9th house of philosophy (more like preaching) and the 10th house of fame and recognition. Cancer and Leo on the 10th house indicate America’s dual role. The nurturing. mothering savior side and the glamorous Hollywood entertainment and showbiz image. Cancer also points to the big food and farming industry. Neptune in Leo was in America’s 10th house when MGM successfully chose it as its emblem. Anything with a Royal. British. Monarch. Sun, Solar, Gold or Golden name to it will be successful in the U. S.

Gemini and Cancer on the 9th house indicate the diversity of immigrants and America is home to so many foreigners. Venus conj. Jupiter shows the opulence and wealth. Mars in the 9th sq Neptune in 12th shows the misguided foreign policy hijacked by foreign “ally” (similar to a secret love and secret enemy). Mars in the 9th sq to Neptune also shows the armada of battleships abroad feeding off of unsuspecting taxpayers and supporting dictators from foreign countries.

Uranus in the 8th is indicative of money through electronics, space programs, digital equipment, supercomputers and the media. Moon in Aquarius (like Princess Diana) is the cool and aloof side of America best portrayed by the supermodels with an attitude. No wonder Princess Diana, who was a Cancer with Moon in Aquarius liked the U.S. and instantly became popular here. The three astronauts who first landed on the Moon were all born under the sign of Cancer (Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th).

marilyn monroe horoscope of the united states of america Horoscope of the USA marilyn monroe


Cancer and Leo on the 10th house: Cancer-Leo celebrities are Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Robert DeNiro etc.

With Leo rising, Marilyn Monroe actually brought a lot of fame and good publicity to the US. In fact, Marilyn is a very good example of Leo on 10th for the US chart as she perfectly represented the glamorous side of Hollywood and even the Age of the Golden Movies (Neptune in Leo)

Which Signs are compatible for USA?

The 7th house always points to the ideal complement to your personality and Aries Taurus being part of the US 7th house points to England (Aries-Taurus) being her perfect partner and its staunch ally.

If you have Scorpio planets, you may cost the U.S. a lot of money (part of the US  2nd House – Condi Rice and her role in the Iraq war is a good example). and Libras will be the most in ill repute!  Both the signs of Virgos and Libra are part of USA’s 12th house and will be seen as secret enemies unless they are involved with health-oriented professions and nursing in the U.S. but Libras will always have to be careful of love affairs spoiling their career and self-image.

No wonder so many Presidents, including George Bush Sr., have had Virgo rising which is similar to the Sun Sign for our purposes and undermined the US interests abroad because of their harmful and very destructive foreign policies.

However, Libras in the beauty business will do exceptionally well. In fact, the U.S. Libra rising indicates an obsession with self-beautification. If you are soft and serene looking, you are already on your way to best represent the U.S. personality. Marilyn Monroe had Leo rising and shot to fame (or rather the US became famous because of her) when Neptune was transiting the US 10th house of fame and publicity. Even her scandals became legendary. She also best portrayed the “Neptune in Leo” period with her blond and glamorous looks.

Lincoln was shot when Uranus conj the US Mars (freak accidents with guns and explosives), and Mars (guns) was transiting USA’s 9-10th house (Law- President). Neptune opp Saturn and demoralized the nation (insecurities). When JFK was shot, the nation’s chart again accurately reflected the tragic event. Moon was in the 3rd house (traveling by car) and Uranus transiting USA’s 8th house (life/death) squared the Moon and JFk’s news shook the whole country. Pluto in Leo in the 10th also indicated the death of a charismatic President. Uranus conj. Mars in JFK’s 8th house, exactly the same aspect as Princess Diana and similar to Versace. All three were born with an adverse Mars-Uranus aspect…freak accidents and danger from guns.

Finally, there are two symbols of the U.S., the Statue of Liberty (Libra) and the Bald Eagle (Scorpio)- perfect symbols for its First House!

What Does the Future Hold for the USA?

With Saturn transiting the 2nd house of the US Chart from 2013, the emphasis has been on cutting down on costs and expenditure. In a person’s chart, this is when they either buckle up financially or go bankrupt!  However, if you are able to cut down on unnecessary expenses and start longterm savings and initiate realistic programs, then it strengthens your longterm prospect.  Manufacturing is one of the key Saturn industries so an emphasis on it and building construction is another way to revive the economy.

However, this is also a time when people retire and start keeping a low profile. The US has been involved with needless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and has been manipulated by foreign powers along with their own neocon and military brass. This has caused a lot of mistrust of the US policies and both the US and Israel (also Libra Scorpio in the first house) on their way down in the eyes of the masses and political status in the world.

However, with Jupiter in Leo right on top of its chart from July 2014 till July 2015, this is the last phase of recognition and high status. After the gold prices go up from July 2014 to July 2015, then sliver rises in value from July 2015 till July 2016, the market will rise up to an unsustainable limit before the market crash in Oct 2017.  This is when the US chart really shows its decline and there will a regrouping and re-evaluation of its policies and friendships with countries which are pulling her down, before starting to emerge again from 2023 onwards.


Astrological Highlights (Natal Aspects)

Moon in Aquarius = (Moon = vision, Aquarius = hi-tech). Spy satellites! Aloofness to emotional needs of a home. Unemotional and disregard for family values. The system encourages single mothers. Electronic homes. Children constantly on TV and computers.

Moon trine Saturn = Property and land development. Sun conj Mars = Aggressively pursues its goals. Sports.

Sun conj Jupiter = Optimistic attitude and faith. Mercury sextile Neptune = Excellent for creativity and inspirational work. Music, songs, scripts, financial deals.

Mercury opp Pluto = Dictatorial and controlling. Subversive activities.

Venus in Cancer conj Jupiter in 9th = Easy wealth. Natural food resources. Gourmet food and cuisines. Export of food.

Mars sq Neptune = nightmares at sea (Pearl Harbour). Horror movies popular (Spielberg and Hitchcock are both born with this.) Drugs, pills, abortions. Drug deals mostly from sea.

Mars in 9th sq Neptune = Armada of battleships always ready for War. Dropped Atom bomb. Demonstrations and US hostages held abroad. Fraudulent lawyers. Deceptive policies.

Neptune in Virgo = Birthplace of Jazz and the Blues. Country homes and estates popular. Care of the needy and poor. Humanitarian causes.

Pluto in 4th in Capricorn = Civil War. Laws create family upheavals and breakdowns. Workplace at home. Hard work to maintain a home.

Horoscope of the United States of America is based on Libra rising which is mainly my own analysis after checking many significant events.


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