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September 12, 2014by Hassan Jaffer0

Taurus Moon applies to everyone around the world and reflects the global mood, but those born under the sign of Taurus are especially more emotional and cautious now.

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Taurus Moon makes people more cautious and security conscious now. Stick to real estate and blue-chip investments instead of NASDAQ. Emphasis will be on old things, antiques, and anything which has a history behind it. Good time for gourmet cooking and restaurants. People are more susceptible to ear, nose and throat infections now. Today’s color is Mauve or Pink.

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Taurus Moon colors and theme

The sign of Taurus represents Your Second Need: Your Need for Stability.

Moon in Taurus stimulates your sense of stability and attachment to the past and roots. This is the beginning of any project and the pioneering spirit in everyone. As Moon moves from Aries to Taurus, we move from impulsive actions to two or three days of stability. Everyone is more patient and it is focused on roots and tradition.

Taurus Moon stimulates your need for stability, loyalty and dependability. Instead of taking on new challenges, you tend to finish what you have already started. However, you can also miss on opportunities because of too much caution.

Healthwise, people are more prone to ear, nose and throat related problems now.

The color Pink best represents the Taurus Moon.

Positive Stimulus

– Love of tradition and history
– Gardening
– Attachment to roots
– Respect for culture and tradition

Excessive Stimulus

– Too cautious

– Too predictable

– Missing on opportunities

– Slow to initiate new activities

Best activities to Indulge in

– Visit those who you find most dependable and stable in your life e.g. grandparents, older people or those who you consider wise and having traditional but time-tested values.

– Visit places from early childhood e.g. your school or the earliest home that you can remember

– Go back to your roots and develop a sense of solid grounding

– Go to museums and historical places to gain respect for tradition and culture.

– Watch old movies.

– Look into acquiring old wooden furniture or antiques

– Visit antique shops and places which have a sense of history.

Fashion Accessories for Moon in Ta

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