Toronto Mayor Election

October 27, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

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Toronto Mayor Election

Toronto Mayor Election is on tonight but we don’t have the time of births for any of the candidates. My clients wanted me to comment on the election so here is our analysis based on simple the main planets.

Doug Ford has a radical mind which is great if the system is wrong so it might be good for Toronto. He is a very good motivator (Mer in Sag) and has Jupiter in Taurus so is excellent for land and properties. The education system and transportation will see the most reforms and real estate value will go up if he is elected. The students will like him for sure as he has Mercury in Sagittarius and will make positive changes in the education system.

Olivia Chow has Mercury in Pisces which gives strong leadership ability (Hitler and Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper were also born with it which may not be the best examples!). It is good for strong convictions and the fact that it is trained to Saturn gives her a deliberate way of speaking but also more practical and productive. Venus in Pisces gives her the concern for children and seniors. However, last few years with Pluto squaring her Mercury she may have major forces opposing her including racial bias.

John Tory has Mercury in Gemini well aspected to both Neptune (verbal eloquence) and Pluto (ability to affect the masses and global ideas). Mer conj Jupiter is the intellectual aspect and the lawyer side of him. However, he is more of an advisor and conceptual person rather than a strong leader. His is more intellectual than wise and he will be too flexible so the strong leadership aspect will be lacking

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