PERSONAL HOROSCOPEIn-depth Personal Analysis

The first Audio track applies to you all your life. You should listen to it at different times to gain further insight into yourself. You will be amazed how many new things you will learn each time you listen to the audio.

On the second track, Hassan discusses your “transits” i.e. what you can expect in the coming years ahead. He helps you understand the reasoning behind events which are beyond your control and focuses on areas where you can use your free choice most effectively to offset any negative themes. He gives you the long term trends as well as a detailed analysis of the following year.

Hassan’s guidelines are not only very accurate, they help you to prepare for opportunities before they materialize. The second side is re-evaluation and a follow-up and takes into consideration how you adapt to different circumstances and changing realities of your life.


Phone/Skype Session with Hassan is part of his Astrological Life Coaching. You can have 15, 30 or 60 min Phone-Skype Consultation with Hassan. For the first time, it is recommended to do at least 60 mins as it takes some times to really understand all your themes.


Improve your personal relationships with Your Friends & Intimates Report. You were drawn to each other for some reason, and may have more common grounds than you know! Marriage is not looking into each other’s eyes, it is looking in the same direction. We will give you all the tools to make you understand each others needs and how you two can compliment each other for a lasting relationship.


Your In-depth Personal Profile Report discusses all your strengths, innate potential, limitations, temperament and attitude towards love and other important areas of your life. Hassan’s natal report is one of the most thorough and personalized reports you can find. Discover all your talents and your innate gifts. Hassan shows you how you can best offset the negative aspects and fully utilize your positive ones.

Here is a brief outline of what is included in this comprehensive report:

Your Personality and Temperament which shows up under stress. Your Temperamental Balance. Your Emotional Reaction and Moods. Your Mind and Communication. Your Attitude Towards Love and Relationships. Your Opportunities and Luck Element. Your Longterm Success. Your Inspirational Ideals. Your Lessons of Life and Areas to be Redefined. Your Earnings and Finances. We have also included the the Major Life Periods. Some current and future longterm trends are also included.

…Get a copy for yourself and your loved ones

YOUR 12 MONTH FORECASTYour 12 Month Forecast Report

Use this accurate and personalized report to plan your whole year on a month by month basis. This forecast gives you the highlights of the year, followed by exact dates and duration, on a monthly basis, of the most important events in your life concerning your finances, health, travel, relationships and even accident prone days.

The transits of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars accurately analyzed and interpreted by Hassan. Understand your 29 year Saturn cycle: Should you be keeping a high or low profile? Are you going through a testing period in relationships and how long is it going to last? What lessons can you learn from it? Is this a good time for you to publish your work? There are always opportunities in some areas of your life. Learn to tap on to your inner timing and make the best of these opportunities while they last.

There is a once-in-12-years opportunity in some area of your life which may involve raising large sums of money or moving or being famous. Don’t let these key periods of life pass you by. Using the best tool of nature, understand your inner timing and be in control of your destiny. Is it just chance that you are reading this or is something in your chart leading you to your destiny?

Your experiences, their timing and duration are all predestined, but how you offset them is your free choice!

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