2020 US Election: Will Donald Trump be a Two-Time President?

April 5, 2019by Hassan Jaffer

2020 US Election: Will Donald Trump be a Two-Time President?

I was right about Donald’s chart being like “a saint and a con-artist put together” which is exactly what the USA needed to get rid of all the crooks. As they say, it takes one to know one.

The real devil may be Jerrod Kushner whose building on 5th Ave is 666!  Clapper, Brennon, and their like are like traitors and it is amazing how officers of the highest intelligence work to disrupt the head of state.

I look at the charts of politicians and news anchors and judge their authenticity from it and there is nothing like real astrology to get to the bottom of a person’s intent – absolutely nothing.  CNN’s Don Lemon and others have no moral values whatsoever and are emotionally biased.

His Mercury in Pisces makes him distort the truth and justify it. It is sad to see everyone in the media trying to make people believe whatever they want.  I could see Clapper and Brennon and so many from the FBI being like traitors to the country and preventing Trump from disrupting their agenda.

Even though I don’t agree with many of Trump’s policies in the Middle East, especially to do with Iran and his hiring of the warmonger John Bolton of all people, his agenda is towards peace. The Lobby and the military complex thwart his goals. (update: Trump just fired Bolton as Pompeii, Bolton, and Netanyahu were all planning to go to war with Iran!).

Trump wanted to get out of Syria and nobody seems to have remarked on it except Russian President Putin who praised the gesture.

The entire Congress was against it and Netanyahu was upset and within two weeks, they reversed it all and approved a 700 billion dollar budget for the Pentagon. Netanyahu and John Bolton were definitely behind it and you cannot blame Donald Trump for it. Congress and both the parties go along with the Lobby and their interests.

There are too many old-timers who are sold out and very few sincere politicians willing to do something about it. Trump didn’t become president for his ego but his Mercury in Cancer sq Neptune is truly a storyteller and also one who genuinely wants to save. He considers himself doing duty for his country and feels guided by divine laws and couldn’t care less about the laws of the nation.

He will justify uncreditable acts but will get things his way and you will never be able to catch him! This is the hallmark of Mercury sq Neptune and almost every politician is born with it including Obama, Trudeau (father and the son), and most of the Congress.

Kuschner is very close to Netanyahu and keeps himself in the background while quietly achieving his Zionist agenda and now has John Bolton to influence Trump as well.  The media blames Trump for everything while Netanyahu’s policies, the Lobby, Kuschner, and John Bolton have been doing the real damage.

Some of the policies of the Democrats are quite appalling like not caring for illegal immigration at the border and the billions used for welfare.  There are very few who are truly ethical but lack the scheming and leadership ability.

There is nobody who cares for the country and has the power to deflect the Lobby and care for the interests of America above their own votes and who bankrolls their career.

We predicted Trump will be a two-time president even when Hilary was riding high in the polls because his planets were starting to rise. In 2020, they will be much higher than before and he would have had a solid record in one thing he is best at which is economy.

The only problem is that Mercury retrogrades while millions of mail-in votes will be sent. This shows delays and recounts like the 2000 Al Gore and Bush election time.

Mail-in votes create a lot of room for voter fraud.

Donald Trump uses all his scheming at a global level to negotiate on behalf of America where it was only at a personal level before.

His main weakness is trusting the wrong people as he wants to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. I am writing very little of what I know as there are too many astrological factors to discuss.  We will keep you informed when we are closer to the actual 2020 US Election: Will Donald Trump be a Two-Time President?

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