Subconscious Awareness of Truth

The subconscious awareness of Truth the Divine Laws are very subtle and can be like a healing balm for the soul when properly appreciated.

In this age of instant mass propaganda and intentional deception and manipulation by the political leaders and the media, it is all the more important to separate Truth from fantasy. We cannot even depend on most of the religious authorities as they often tend to be biassed or misleading.

With this in mind, we decided to introduce a very special article on the Conscious and Subconscious awareness of the “Truth”. Astrology helps us determine if you are born with these abilities, and even if you are not when you will experience them by transit.

There are two different ways to understand any element of the Master Plan and “Truth” viz. Conscious and Subconscious awareness of it. By Truth, we mean anything that has a divine origin and which exists independent of our perception of it, and whose rules have remained unchanged from the beginning of mankind.

Anyone in search of “Truth” is a philosopher by the very nature of this quest.

Before you can apply the powerful rules of Nature in your own life, let us first clarify the two ways of understanding the Universal Laws that Nature has provided us with.

Conscious awareness of the Truth refers to tangible means of understanding Laws of Nature i.e. reading correct material or following a correct system, capacity to analyze in-depth and with total focus, ability to separate Truth from fantasy and to decode nature’s secrets and interpret its hidden laws.


As an example, when you study astrology, you will run into several different systems and hypotheses – many of them leading to more confusion than clarity of thought. How do you select the right book, the right author and the correct system without being tainted in the first place?

Your innate capacity to follow the right method also determines your capacity to lead others in the right path, because it shows that you have the rare gift of consciously understanding at least some part of the Master program.

Subconscious means of awareness are usually intangible e.g. prophetic dreams, intuition or sensitivity to music, sadness, and art. It also lies in the acute sensitivity to color.

The public speaker who understands that people are usually more vulnerable in the evening than in the day time is utilizing these principles. It gives us answers to questions like why does black symbolize power? or how does soothing music or soft lighting effect you? or why are those people more secretive who prefer the night time and why are they more drawn to mysteries of life and the occult?



Positive aspects between Moon and Pluto









    • Symbology
    • Dream interpretation
    • Tone of voice
    • Power of colors
    • Ability to sense desperation and sadness
    • Healing and intuition
    • Power of prayers
    • Divine Truths without rigid logic
    • The mood of the audience
    • Sensitivity to beauty
    • Negative aspects between Moon and Pluto


Positive aspects between Mercury and Pluto

A positive aspect between Mercury and Pluto in your natal chart ( sextile, semi-sextile, and trine) is something you may be born with. This can also happen by transit which is usually only once or twice in your lifetime:

    • Powerful insights
    • Correct research relating to Nature
    • Discoveries
    • Formulation of Laws of Nature
    • Decoding nature’s secrets
    • Establishing rules and laws for observation


Negative Aspects between Mercury and Pluto

However, they can also be far more destructive if used negatively, and work in ways that are not very obvious – particularly in the hands of unscrupulous politicians or military leaders who are in a position to misuse their authority. George Bush Sr. and Jr, both father, and son were born with an adverse Moon-Pluto or Mercury-Pluto aspect.

Interfering with Master Plan through writing, speech or destructive actions is one of the most obvious negative aspects of Mercury-Pluto aspect.

It is easy to apply these simple observations in your own life to improve and harness your innate potential, but because of the complexity of this article, it might be helpful from the beginning to establish what you will achieve once you understand its basic principles.

Don’t just wait for the Best Time for Writing, Publishing and Contracts, just start putting down your ideas in draft form from now so as soon as you have a Jupiter Mercury aspect by transit i.e. Jupiter touches off your Mercury, you can be ready to publish.



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