USA Chart and Olympic Hockey

I have always said that USA’s chart has Libra rising (Ascendant) and its Libra-Scorpio in the first house makes her like Beauty and the Beast!  Beast of course indicates the power which can be misused and most politicians are born with it including Bill Clinton. I will post another full analysis of the US chart but the recent Olympic match between the US and Canadian hockey team was one of the confirmations for me as well.  I had said as the match was being played when the Moon was in Scorpio, this would indicate the Moon in the US second house and coming down in her chart and therefore not a good indication. Of  course we know now that Canada not only won the match and the gold for Women’s hockey but also for the Men’s hockey against the US.

This is just another confirmation of Libra rising even though it is not something I would use for major events but just something to look out for. One of our conclusions may be that the US is at a disadvantage when the Moon is in Scorpio and in her 2nd house. More on that later.