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SuperMoon Sep 2015

SuperMoon Sep 2015 is on the night of 27th and 28th. It is a total lunar ‪#‎eclipse‬ in the Tetrad series. A ‪#‎SuperMoon‬ is basically a New or Full Moon when the Moon is closest in its approach to the Earth.

In astrological terms, it just emphasizes and makes the area affected more emotional and puts the focus there for a day or so that is all! Both the Sun and Moon are touching the same aspect in your chart but they are both fast moving and not reflelctive of major liftime changes or anything at all.

There is a T-Square involving Mars-Saturn-Neptune which is not good for the market and is the beginning of the stock market crash which will happen in Oct 2017!!  Saturn sq Neptune also shows the mass insecurity (for another six months) but hopefully it is also people feeling guilty (Saturn sq Neptune) when they see the ‪#‎Pope‬ and it affects their conscience. That would be a positive way of offsetting it…Read More


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